5 Reasons you should blog for business and why you should do it now!

5 Reasons why blogging for business works and why you should do it now!

I get asked all the time why blogging for business is a good idea and below I have listed my top 5 reasons why everyone should be doing it. The thing with writing good quality original content is it takes time, but as with all good marketing initiatives, you will see some return on your time investment. Before you know it, you will have more traffic to your site, more credibility in the eyes of your customers and industry partners and perhaps more surprisingly, it will keep you focused on your own business.

Top five reasons to Blogging for business works

  1. Google will love youIf Google loves you, and so will thousands of new potential customers. It is no secret that Google likes good content, and the more you feed it, the more they will love you. Even if you only write 300 -500 words once a month, it won’t take long to see the love coming back your way. 
  2. Position your brand as a leader in your industry. By posting topics relevant to your industry, you are demonstrating knowledge and experience that will resonate with your customers and prospects alike. This credibility also leads to trust in you and your company, and if they believe in you, they will buy from you. Another added benefit of being an industry voice is free PR. Business bloggers are often interviewed by journalists as industry experts. Enjoy some free press!
  3. Interact with your clients / Potential clients. Humans like to interact with each other, and by adding a comments section to the bottom of your blog articles, it allows people to interact with you. You must reply to comments on your articles to begin that interaction process. The other added benefit of interacting on blog posts is unlike Facebook and other social media interactions that are buried deep into feeds and quickly lost, blog posts, however, hang around a long time, giving you valuable SEO material to keep you present in search engines. 
  4. It will bring you more Leads / CustomersAccording to Industry surveys, more than 60% of businesses that blog will attract more customers. Who doesn’t want more customers?
  5. Feeds all your social media marketing, once you have written a great blog article, you now have assets to feed all your other marketing forums like social media feeds (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc.) as well as newsletters or EDM’s you send out. You take grabs from the articles, post them and link them back to your website, and customers will follow.

If you really don’t have the time, or maybe the confidence and skill to write some articles, look on the web and source yourself a good copywriter.(A good copywriter will be keyword focused and used to writing web ready content) You don’t need to write small novels when blogging, a good 300-500 words is all you need so why not have a go, you might just surprise your self.

With the release of Chat GPT it is now even easier to write great blogs. Use this great tool for ideas but make sure you add your own expertise to make it original and engaging.