Does My Website Needs an SSL Certificate? It Sure Does

What is an SSL Certificate You Ask?

An SSL certificate allows a secure connection between your website and its visitors. You’ve probably seen the green padlock in the address bar when shopping online, which lets you know that the connection is secure. These have always been required for websites that collect payment information. Not all websites need the Green Padlock but getting the grey padlock is very important.

Some time ago, Google started encouraging all websites to make the move to HTTPS by slightly favouring secure websites in search results. Google has recently applied more pressure by labelling websites as “not secure” in the address bar of their own web browser (Google Chrome.)

image of secure website with grey padlock

Why Do I need One?

Basically because google will rank you higher than someone who doesn’t have one. Google are even warning visitors to websites without a grey padlock that unsafe connections are sometimes used to collect sensitive data or even passwords. This tends to scare a lot of people away. Now not having one is not necessarily a security risk but users are now more wary than ever so why not add one.

How Much Do They Cost?

This depends which company you host your website with. Sites hosted with Red Rocket Creative enjoy free HTTPS: however some hosting companies sell traditional SSL certificates for between $70 – $250 annually.

How Long Do They Take To Install?

Not long is the short answer. Call your hosting company today and make some enquiries. You may see some quick rises in your search rankings as a result. link