Why Trust Factors Are Critical For  Your Website To Convert

Ever actually sat and wondered why you chose to contact one particular company online  over another, probably not, but if you did, I would be pretty sure that company passed the  trust factor test for successful websites.

When searching for your product or service you require, you most likely clicked through  three of the first five or six listings on page one of your search. (You may have skipped a  couple because of poorly written descriptions) but as a rule, most people check out at least  three or four sites. If you are lucky enough for a customer to click through to your site, you  then have no more than five to six seconds to convince that person to stay and explore.

Most of the sites that would have loaded may have looked fairly similar in design, a logo, a  menu across the top, a hero shot or video, catchy title and text and a list of services or  products they sell.

There would have been one or two that caught your eye more than others and something  inside you decided to contact that company, and that something is most likely the number  and quality of the trust factors on the site.

What are trust factors you ask?

Here is a list of trust factors I have compiled that seem to have the biggest influence.

Third Party Reviews ( Testimonials) 

It’s a funny thing about reviews, if you just add five or six to your site in a scrolling window,  it has a small effect at best, if you add the author’s full name and company name with an  image, a little more so. If however, you add a google review feed with over a hundred five  star reviews, people start to feel warm and fuzzy about your company. I know most of us  believe we are individuals and are not easily led, but in reality, most humans are very  happy to follow the pack, and if they believe most people feel good about something, they  will too!

trust pilot
Google Reviews


Awards and Certifications is another popular trust factor that allow consumers to feel a  little more comfortable about doing business with particular companies. We are so used to  seeing them that we now believe they mean something.

trip advisor award
Google Partner
readers' choice award
car of the year

Good Design

A great user experience on top of a great design signifies professionalism. We work on the  five second rule, if your site doesn’t look professional and make a great first impression,  visitors will hit that back button and move on to the next site very quickly.   So if you are thinking about using a relative or the son or daughter of a friend, you might  want to rethink that strategy.

Business Information

Nothing makes me hit the back button faster than not being able to easily contact the  company I am dealing with. Have your contact details clearly visible on the home page,  maybe phone number in header and address in the footer area. Your About page should  be an honest representation of who you are as a company too. Images of your staff and  office / factory will personalise your company with the consumer.

Case Studies

Good case studies are a wonderful trust factor. Showing real case scenarios where you  have provided a solution to a customers problem or demonstrated ways to improve on  your clients needs is a great way to build trust.

Social Media Links

The more social media platforms you have, the greater the opportunity you have to build  trust with potential clients.  Social media allows you to interact directly with customers, respond to their questions and  reviews and adds a human side to the business.

social media marketing